Our project in a nutshell

Armour Heavy brings you a curated selection of athleisure wear, proudly founded and run by an Indian veteran. Our mission was to design a captivating website that guides users through the seamless journey of exploring and acquiring high-quality athleisure wear. We're committed to reshaping how people perceive and engage with fitness apparel brands. Our design philosophy for this project was beyond convention, ensuring the website not only looks exceptional but also maintains the functionality and scalability expected from a brand like Armour Heavy.

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What the client wanted!

The client's vision for Armour Heavy was crystal clear from the outset, a unique challenge in bringing their envisioned product to life while ensuring scalability for the brand's future growth.

In the realm of athleisure wear, Armour Heavy, led by an Indian veteran, embodies a unique blend of fitness and patriotism.

The challenge extended beyond the digital landscape, as the client desired the website to resonate with their deep-rooted feelings toward India. Our approach aimed to replicate this sentiment throughout the website, creating an immersive online space where every detail echoes the patriotic features of Armour Heavy.

Challenge 1:

Our primary goal was to craft a website that seamlessly blended aesthetic appeal with robust functionality, providing users with a smooth and satisfying experience. This challenge led us to explore a multitude of options and generate diverse ideas to showcase the brand exactly as we envisioned.

Challenge 2:

Establishing Armour Heavy as a distinct presence in the market posed its own set of hurdles. To carve out a recognizable identity, we introduced a mascot. This symbolic figure plays a pivotal role in not only defining the brand but also making it easily identifiable to the audience.


Our design approach

In this distinctive project, we delved into the depths of our creative minds, exploring groundbreaking ideas to infuse the brand with an exceptional touch. Through numerous iterations and diverse approaches, we arrived at a design that not only unveiled the intricate workings of a printing press but also embarked on an educational journey about the brand's services.

The design showcased captivating micro-animations, scalable layouts, and mind-bending designs, delivering precisely what users desired. The challenge then shifted to presenting this feature-packed and stylish design in an effortlessly comprehensible way.

This is where storytelling took center stage. Transitioning to a different project, our focus turned to crafting an elegant site that distinctly communicated the essence of Armour Heavy, an athleisure wear brand run by an Indian veteran with a profound commitment to patriotism. Our mission was to showcase the brand's unique features on the website, aligning with the client's deep feelings towards India and replicating the same sentiment throughout the online experience.


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

By understanding and effectively using the critical role that User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) play in shaping the online journey for your customers. We designed with precision to enhance the user journey, providing your company with various marketing benefits that directly impact your bottom line.

Improved User Journey (Increased Click Rate):

Our redesigned UI/UX ensures a smooth and intuitive navigation experience for your visitors.

By optimizing the placement of key elements and simplifying the user interface, we boost engagement and encourage increased clicks.

Limited Clicks to Seamless Checkout Process:

We created a streamlined checkout process, minimizing the number of clicks required to complete a purchase.

The reduction in clicks from product selection to payment completion translates to a more efficient and satisfying shopping experience for your customers.

Increased Add-to-Cart (ATC) Actions:

Our website design strategically promotes Add-to-Cart actions, making it easier for users to express interest in your products.

The enhanced user interface encourages more seamless interactions, resulting in a higher number of products being added to the shopping cart.

Positive Return on Ad Spend (ROAS):

Creating a user-friendly website led to a positive impact on your digital marketing efforts that added to a positive ROAS.

With a more engaging and efficient website, your advertising investments yield higher returns as users are more likely to convert, contributing to a positive ROAS.

The core goal always being was that to maximize your marketing potential. Our commitment to superior UI/UX and Marketing Strategies ensures that your customers have a delightful online experience, leading to increased clicks, optimized conversion paths, higher ATC actions, and ultimately, a positive impact on your company's revenue.

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