Our project in a nutshell

1 Step Print offers a wide range of printing solutions designed to meet your unique printing requirements. Our job over here was to create an immersive website that would take the user through the journey of showcasing printing solutions seamlessly. We believe in redefining the way people interact with websites. We took the approach of thinking outside the box when designing, while at the same time maintaining the functionality and scalability of the brand.

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    Viraj Patel
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What the client wanted!

The client came to us confused and not knowing what he wanted for his brand; he just had one thing to say, and that was to make his company stand out and make it super interactive.

The challenge for us over here was to create a website that would showcase to the user how things work in a printing business and trigger the user’s psyche to understand what the brand does on a core level.

Challenge 1:

The first challenge for us was to come up with an interactive way in which we would present the product to the users, and how could we make it easy for the user to understand what the brand has to offer.


Our design approach

For this project, we took an unusual approach, which let us explore our creative minds and come up with innovative ideas. For this project, we had multiple iterations, where we mixed and matched many different approaches after finalizing and moving ahead with a design, where you could see the whole process of how a printing press works and at the same time teach the user about the services that the brand has to offer.

The design had these cool micro-animations, layouts that could scale up or down, and designs that got into the user's mind to show them exactly what they wanted. Then came the tricky part, how do you present this design, packed with functions and looking all fancy, in a way that's easy to understand? So, we turned to storytelling.


Benefits for the company (marketing side)

Marketing Benefits:

Revolutionizing the Printing Experience

We designed an Experience and a paradigm shift in how your audience will perceive and engage with printing services.

Our innovative design approach toward 1 Step Print transforms the traditional printing experience into an interactive and visually captivating journey.

Interactive Showcase of Printing Solutions

Our website design goes beyond static displays, offering a dynamic showcase that educates users on the intricacies of printing while highlighting the diverse range of solutions provided by 1 Step Print.

Redefined User Interaction

Our out-of-the-box design thinking aims to create an immersive and user-friendly platform that breaks away from the conventional norms of printing company websites.

Making the Brand Stand Out

1 Step Print's design approach ensures that the brand is not just another printing company but a standout player with an identity that resonates with users.

Service Centered Journey Through Printing Processes

Our design takes users through the entire printing process, making it easy for them to comprehend the intricacies of the printing industry while showcasing the brand's expertise and services.

Innovative Design Elements

The website design incorporates cutting-edge elements that not only make the platform visually appealing but also enhance user engagement through dynamic and responsive features.

User-Friendly Storytelling

Our design employs storytelling as a powerful tool to present the brand's services in a comprehensible and relatable manner, ensuring that users can easily navigate and understand the offerings of 1 Step Print.

In summary, 1 Step Print's design approach goes beyond aesthetics, providing a transformative and educational experience that not only showcases printing solutions but also redefines the way users perceive and interact with printing companies.

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